The Game - Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online is really a SECOND side scrolling action MMO which was inspired through classical arcade beat’em ups. The overall game had been initially available through Nexon in The united states as well as Europe, however after shutting straight down in 2013, is being relaunched through Neople, the game’s developer. Encounter fast-paced classic beat-em-up action coupled with MMO components in Dungeon Fighter Online. Journey through the mystical world associated with Arad on the quest to save the empire from the once docile creatures inhabiting it.

Game play in Dungeon Fighter Online takes place in mostly instanced “dungeons” beyond prolonged towns. Players start as one associated with 7 playable characters and can focus right into a subclass on reaching level 20. There are many crucial top features of Dungeon Fighter Online. Firstly, side scrolling beat’em up gameplay with retro graphics inspired through Fantastic Axe or Dual Dragon. Secondly, the majority of the gameplay takes place in instanced dungeons. Cities tend to be prolonged though. Finally, excellent number of courses with 7 beginning courses as well as 25+ sub courses.

Finally, linear progression through dungeons. Dungeons could be performed through in a variety of difficulties, similar to Vindictus or WOW, therefore foes couldn't attack gamers easily.

In a word, Dungon Fighter Online can bring gamers numerous humorous, because it's special functions more and more people like this game. Read more infortation associated with Dungeon Fighter Online in