Introduction of LED panel lights

I believe it is familiar when we talk about LED light. However, have you get the introduction of LED panel lights? LED panel manufacture in China should say something about it when customer asks them about the information. Now we can have a view at the introduction.


LED panel light is a high-grade indoor lighting, the outer frame is made from aluminum by anodic oxidation, the light source is LED, lighting design beautiful and simple, luxurious atmosphere, and both good lighting effects, but also brings beautiful feeling. In this aspect, I like the product from kingsonlight round LED panel suppliers as their product has the special feeling for me. Meanwhile, unique design LED panel lights, light guide plate after high light transmittance to form a homogeneous plane glow, illumination uniformity, light, and soft, comfortable and yet bright, can relieve eye fatigue. LED panel lights can also radiation, will not stimulate the pregnant women, the elderly, children's skin.


Some companies just produce square and round LED panel, for example, square LED panel wholesale is a market which is selling square and round LED panel only.