Sinorock Self drilling anchor bar introduction

Sinorock is the largest manufacturer of self drilling anchor bar in Asia. It provides a lot of rock bolt products,especially self drilling anchor bar system.Self drilling anchor bar is a kind of hollow bar,its structure is very special。

Self drilling anchor bar combines drill pipe with grouting pipe.It is a kind of fully thead hollow bar.The length of the flexible rod body with extended added features, not only suitable for railway, tunnel, mine, water conservancy, dam, bridge foundation, but also for pre-suppot project ,radial suppot project,slope stabilization,soil nail wall,back pull anchor rod retaining wall and other rock supporting work.

Self drilling anchor bar is different from the ordinary rock bolt,it change the way of grouting before anchoring of ordinaryrock bolt,when grouting the pressure of it up to tens of kilograms, not only to fill the anchor hole, but also in cracks development of the region, the slurry grouting under pressure to penetrate into cracks, achieve the purpose of improving the surrounding rock structures.