Iphone Secrets To Get The Most From Your Device

The iPhone is an incredibly popular device and there is no shortage of reasons why it remains so popular. The different things that you can do with the device allows users to do several tasks proficiently at once. Read on to learn how to use your iPhone more effectively and to do new things with it. Iphone Secrets To Get The Most From Your Device

Tips For Making Iphone Usage Very Simple The iPhone has a great option for those who need a bigger keyboard to type. It's not necessary to run out and purchase a new keyboard. Simply turn your iPhone horizontal and touch the address bar. You will have an easier to see, larger keyboard so you can type more efficiently.

Tips For Making Iphone Usage Very Simple Siri helps you with reminders that are location based. Instead of telling it to call work at a certain time, you can tell it to remind you to call when you arrive home. You can also tell Siri to remind you to do something when you reach a certain location like home. When the iPhone detects you have arrived at the destination, it will give a reminder alert. That way, if you have no idea when you will reach home, you are still going to have a reminder.

Do you feel overwhelmed by push notifications on your iPhone? You can stop them from coming through. First, go to settings, and then go to notifications. While browsing the "Notification Center" area, look for apps that should not be there. This will also add to the life of the phone's battery.

While most people know how to surf the Internet or check email on the iPhone, many are unsure of the proper way to save specific images from websites or messages. You simply have to touch and hold the image you want to save. A menu will pop up giving you an option to save.

Here is a simple tip for faster messaging on your iPhone. Whenever the dictionary automatically suggests a word that you don't need as you're typing your text message, you can eliminate it by tapping any area of the screen. There is no need to tap the little "x" that appears at the end of the word.

Taking full advantage of your iPhone's multimedia capabilities just makes good sense! Some of these include downloading television episodes or different comedy clips from websites.

The calculator is a very valuable function on the iPhone. When held vertically, the calculator is a standard calculator, but when held horizontally, it becomes a highly-functional scientific calculator.

Always stay on top of firmware updates for your iPhone. Each update increases the functionality of the iPhone, and improves battery life. Just make sure you have iTunes on your desktop or laptop and hook up the phone to the machine. You can also utilize iCloud to quickly connect your iPhone up to an Apple computer.

You can enable your iPhone to visually indicate incoming messages and calls. If you want silent yet pronounced message notifications, you can set your camera to flash as messages appear. Access this feature by utilizing the settings menu, and then tapping on "general" then "accessibility". Then choose "LED Flash Alerts".

The iPhone's popularity speaks for how useful the phone is. There are endless possibilities for customization as well as countless features you can use. It can take some time to get to know all of features. It is probable that you will never make use of every possible feature; however, this article should have brought you closer.