FF200R12KS4 Infineon Technologies AG IGBT Semiconductor

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FF200R12KS4 is the most suitable device to boost the performance of your servo motors. Regardless of whether you’re using it for robotics, industrial automation or CNC machineries, FF200R12KS4 can give your servo motors the boost of power needed! With a weight of only 2.20 lbs, this Infineon Technologies AG made IGBT transistor module can generate up to 1200V of power.


Unlike typical semiconductors, FF200R12KS4 is a high frequency switching type. It is equipped with self-limiting short circuit current and high short circuit capability that ensures great efficiency. With these aspects, the current released by FF200R12KS4 will not deteriorate right away.


But what makes Infineon FF200R12KS4 a perfect semiconductor is that it possesses PrimeSTACK. With this equipped, it has the ability to measure the exact voltage, current and temperature.