Consumers how to face the auto parts industry

  Network survey shows that more than half of people do not understand the auto parts . There are many concerns about the quality and safety of automotive parts, but in the long run, most consumers are optimistic about the prospects for the development of auto parts in China.
     For the people who have purchase intention in the survey, "low price" has become the main reason for buying. Secondly, the performance, quality, safety, environmental protection and energy conservation also attract a part of consumers.



     However, for the people who don’t have purchase intention in the survey, "Worried about product quality " become the main reason they don't consider buying the auto parts . Although the social responsibility of the enterprise is to provide safe and reliable quality of the products, but now the market of vehicle maintenance and repair is not standard, the new parts’ quality is uneven, often there are fake and inferior products. And most consumers can not distinguish the authenticity, so they are more worried about the the quality of auto parts .
     Therefore, hope that the relevant government departments should adopt a variety of measures, strengthen the supervision, strict the inspection of automotive parts quality, use policy to guide the consumption concept intensify propaganda so that more consumers can understand the automotive parts