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Fixation index (Fst) and analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) comparing populations from CT99021 contiguous US, Alaska, and Hawaii.DatasetSource of variationDegrees of freedomPercentage of variationAnchorage and JuneauaAmong populations16.27Within populations3193.73Total32Fst = 0.063, p = 0.161Anchorage and PalmeraAmong populations11.91Within populations2898.09Total29Fst = 0.019, p = 0.315Palmer and JuneauaAmong populations1−3.49Within populations47103.49Total48Fst = −0.035, p = 0.975Alaska and Cont. USAmong populations10.15Within populations57199.85Total572Fst = 0.002, p = 0.291Honolulu and Kailua-KonaAmong populations1−2.18Within populations59102.18Total60Fst = −0.022, p = 0.738Hawaii and Cont. USAmong populations14.790Within populations57595.21Total576Fst = 0.048, p = 0.002Alaska vs HawaiiAmong populations18.58Within populations11691.42Total117Fst = 0.086, p = 0.004aDataset does not include Alaskan sequence from Imes et al. [9], as the interstitial city of the collection location was not known.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV