" Describing My self as Technology Learner "

    Just like millions of teenager nowadays I can prove that I am already belong to the new generations. And we are engaging with technology. We can't deny the fact that eventhough  it seems to be high tech but we need to go with the flow because our generations now adays is already engage with technology. Nowadays as a technology learner I am one of the learners who are highly relational and demand quick access to new knowledge. And capable of engaging in learning at a new level. 


   Just like other teenager I want to communicate always with my with other . To find new friends with the use of technology like for example facebook,twitter,instagram,email,blog and etc. I wanted to explore around the  world. But it still my imagination but  through the use of technology I have the chance now to explore the world. That is why my life without technology is so boring. It's because technology is my source coz when I make my report, project,assignment and etc I always ask Mr. Google to help me understand my report.


  As a teenager  I'm already acquainted with digital tools. That's why we need to adapt the changes of  the generations that we have face nowadays. It's our ways and opportunities to communicate with others. And now we are the new learners and the a digital fluency with visual learning with the use of different kind of multimedia. Even problem solving activities we are suit the new generations style and preferences to solve it and the relevant of learning that we have engaging. As a technology learner eventhough we are far from old generations but we need to make sure tha we still have the good values that can help us to be better person in the near future.