the advantages of Polystyrene foam insulation board

the advantages of Polystyrene foam insulation board

The advantages of Polystyrene foam insulation board

Polystyrene foam insulation board, foam board, also known as EPS board, mainly used in building facades, cold storage, air conditioning, vehicles, ships of the insulation system, more extensive use, then the polystyrene foam insulation board what

1 light. China's standard provisions of the bulk density of EPS 18~22kg/m3 board, the European EPS 15kg/m3 board only;

2 low thermal conductivity. Because of its air filled with air structure, to prevent the spread of air, so that its thermal conductivity in 0.039;

3 because of the space in the 98% of the board is filled with air, there is enough capacity to buffer the impact force by changing the shape of the external impact, the impact of good;

4 low water absorption. Studies have shown that humidity can affect the thermal performance and mechanical properties of materials, and the low water absorption of the material will help to maintain these properties;

5 can be recycled. The recovery is the highest in the plastic;

Do not apply in the production process of freon 6;

7 the energy consumption of the whole life cycle is the lowest in the plastic products.