Little pitch LED show - A dream than pocket much more magical

An "A Dream: Stand By Me" film, brought back quite a few memories of persons for the blue-fat. Released just a few days, the box workplace is more than 300 million blue-fat and bamboo dragonfly, any door, keep in mind bread, gas condensate cloud as soon as again set off a series of props recall boom, a massive wave of audience "crying into the dog."

Every single read "A Dream" folks(vms), what have they also desire to have a universal Viking it? Omnipotent smaller pocket can always conjure up some new things, to live lots of fantastic Nobita entertaining of. Having said that, after decades of technological development, A dream of some magical props has grow to be achievable, so many childhood dream became a reality, even more than A Dream props much more sophisticated.

To enrich what spare time, A dream from coming back to a "three-dimensional substantial screen Television," realistic scenes and monster ready to come make timid Nobita shocked.


The "three-dimensional substantial screen TV" is really now a 3D Tv, which can be now essentially the most common LCD Television. Nevertheless, LCD (EN12966)Television is getting robust competitive benefit inside the LED show, especially little pitch, is steadily open the civilian marketplace. LED show from outdoor to indoor, because of the emergence of fine pitch products. Particularly in low light high ash qualities make small pitch into the civilian locations as you possibly can. The fantastic prospects of compact pitch LED display for many LED makers speedily joined, and achieved great benefits. Abby 2014 modest pitch merchandise fulfill the order of about 230 million yuan, representing a rise of around 200% more than the same period the prior year. At the moment, Abby has launched compact dot pitch A1.2, A1.6, A1.9, A2 and other products, rich product competitive advantage to let Abby fine pitch LED display items are broadly employed in news media organizations, commercial true estate , command and handle centers at all levels of government and also the armed forces, security monitoring center, international conference as well as other markets. Wherein, A2 as Abby, "a smaller pitch solution family," the one to undertake the job on the main screen broadcast in the Davos Forum, worldwide severe high-end forum, and have been familiar to buyers in more than 110 nations and regions, and also the choice, as an international conference devoted screen. Abby compact pitch merchandise effectively resolved the high-definition display, the initial line of dark light, accurate color reduction, seamless, low-light high ash, higher brush, quickly response, high contrast, wide viewing angle, intelligent display handle as well as other technical issues, so predominant pitch far more prominent.


Even though little pitch in to the domestic tv will take some time, but the trend has been set, with the decline of mature fine pitch technology and expense, fine pitch in to the civilian areas will likely be unstoppable. But these days, the field of command and manage centers, (variable message sign )safety monitoring center, and international conferences are nonetheless smaller pitch stage.