The morphologies of the CuO NSAs

In a word, the resultant alumina ceramic with high transparency from SMA6 powder was ascribed to the smaller pore size and less pore amount remained, which originated from the de-agglomerated powder with low specific surface area. Such powder insured that BMS-354825 slurry was prepared with higher solids loading and then homogeneous green body was done with lower porosity and smaller pore size.
4. Conclusions
Translucent alumina ceramic with an in-line transmittance as high as 53.6% at 600 nm was successfully prepared by gelcasting and vacuum sintering. Except for the homogeneous green body enabled by gelcasting method, the de-agglomerated powder with low specific surface area is effective to prepare a slurry with high solids loading (55 vol%) which ensure small pore size and low pore amount in the green body. Such a green body is easy to be densified during vacuum sintering. That is to say, pores are easy to be removed in exothermic high density green body and the ceramic with high transmittance resulted.