The Teacher Advancement Pro-gram at Cincinnati Schools Seeks to Keep Good Teachers

The Teacher Advancement Pro-gram at Cincinnati Schools Seeks to Keep Good Teachers

Cincinnati Pilot Schools

Cincinnati Schools are very happy to mention that three place schools have been selected to participate in a nation-wide pilot program to boost teacher quality. The three Cincinnati Public Schools opted for include John R. If you believe anything at all, you will perhaps want to study about empower network chat. Parker College in Whittier College, South Avondale College in Avondale, and Madisonville in Price Hill. Most of the schools were selected according to their national standing inside the No Daughter or son Left Behind Act. This system is intended to show the strong influence that quality instruction has on student achievement in addition to developing professional opportunities for teachers to hone their skills and receive rewards for their hard work.

Explanation for the Teacher Advancement Pro-gram

The Teacher Advancement Program recognizes that numerous young and talented teachers elect to leave the early in their careers. The Teacher Advancement Program seeks to improve that by providing competent teachers recognition and the job opportunities that could keep them inside the Cincinnati Public School system. The overall purpose would be to make teaching an extremely rewarding career choice that attracts talent to serve the children in Cincinnati Public Schools.

Superintendent Rosa Blackwell expresses her feelings about the Teacher Advancement Program in this way: I'm really excited about this pilot program, which is closely aligned with other educational projects in Cincinnati Public Schools. Research implies that quality teaching is the most important factor in increasing student achievement, and this program was created to improve teaching by aiming educational sources where they are most needed in the heart of the classroom.

The Ohio Board of Education in addition to the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers both endorse the Teacher Advancement Pro-gram. Learn more about purchase here by visiting our salient use with. Cincinnati Federation of Teachers president, Sue Taylor, responses, This can be a reform project that brings together in a structural way the task that our teachers already are doing. Their a value added type that will monitor a students progress from the first-day of class to the last and will measure the value that the teacher has added. Discover further on an affiliated wiki by going to read kalatu blogging platform. TOUCH matches the instructional strategies being applied in our universities, giving a natural and arranged structure to teachers.

The National Institute for Excellence in Training praises Cincinnati Public Schools for implementing the Teacher Advancement Pro-gram. We discovered mass influence formula by browsing newspapers. President Lewis C. Solomon describes, We are happy that Cincinnati Public Schools and the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers have taken this bold move to apply the Teacher Advancement Pro-gram in three schools. The implementation of TAP is aligned to district goals emphasizing instruction and the increased achievement for many students.