Finding your Home Décor Style

Finding your Home Décor Style

If you are like most of us, and do not have the creative eye for home décor, but you want your home to look like it could belong in Better Homes and Gardens without the cost of hiring a professional to achieve that look, do not fear that it is impossible.  In fact, thanks to technology that allows us to find ideas and tutorials, it has never been more possible, no matter where you lie on the creativity spectrum! First, you have to choose a décor style.  Once you know which style you want to portray, then decorating your home will be fun and simple instead of tedious and exhausting.  Here are some helpful tips for choosing a décor style.

Traditional and timeless
Homeowners can never go wrong choosing a traditional decor style for their home.  According to Home Stories A to Z, traditional home décor is all about comfort mixed with elegance.  The best part about traditional home décor is that you do not have to do much to modernize it over time.  It is timeless.  If you are one to hate decorating and keeping up with trends, a traditional style is right for you.  When shopping for furniture, choose pieces with rounded arms, classic patterns, and quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Contemporary and modern
If you enjoy switching things up each season, a contemporary style is right up your ally.  Contemporary home décor includes the latest styles and trends on the market and emphasizes clean lines, open space, bold pops of color and natural lighting.  Those who like the contemporary or modern décor styles typically go for a “less is more” vibe to create openness and avoid clutter.  The contemporary style also includes unique and interesting furniture that does not need to last forever.

Traditional with a twist
If both of the above styles appeal to you, but you fear that they are polar opposites, you might be a fan of a transitional home décor style, which is a mix of both of the styles above.  Transitional home décor is unique and modern, but has also included comfort and warmth into the mix bringing both styles together.  The easiest way to achieve this look is by purchasing traditional furniture pieces and mixing them with contemporary colors and accessories.  Instead of cool colors mixed with bold colors, use warm and neutral colors on the walls and let the throw pillows or curtains be the bold colors in the room.

Simple and eclectic
If you have a hard time channeling in on one décor style or era, than you might consider an eclectic décor style, which mixes styles from several different eras.  An eclectic décor style makes it hard, yet interesting, for people to pinpoint the exact vibe the homeowners are going for.  If you have traveled a lot and have several collectibles to show off, an eclectic style is perfect to display those collectibles in a unique, yet simple, way.


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