Way to Vietnam through Vietnam Visa

The process of visa applications is different in different countries. For a U.S, it may all the way down boil to extreme strictness and care whereas for India, it may only be matter of 10 minutes of interview.

However, Vietnam is one of the most politically vibrant and geographically diverse countries. People visit this country on account of bureaucratic or diplomatic purposes. The tourism in Vietnam is also limited owing to the limited access of countries it gives way to.

As said earlier, the visitors to Vietnam need to obtain a guaranteed Vietnam visa. Such a full-proof and authorised visa is granted from one of the diplomatic missions or through an agency from Vietnam when on arrival. However, the process become different once a person enters Vietnam forms any one of the visa exempt countries.

The rules are quite strict in this country owing to its powerful history and quest for independence. It is mandatory for all the tourists and visitors to carry a legal passport which is valid for 6 months.

As said earlier, the country Vietnam allows people of seventeen countries to enter Vietnam without any visa for periods consisting of different times. In June 2014, the visa rules were relaxed and visitors of different countries then were allowed to come and visit Vietnam. It was then proposed to extend the normal visa exemption for tourists from the very European Union, to  the United States, Hong Kong ,Canada, Australia and moving up to Taiwan. Thus, the final list of countries which can Enter the country Vietnam as per the ruling by Vietnamese Ministry, in September 2014 of are:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia