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3. Results
3.1. Study population
The final case total amounted to 55 cases. Table 1 summarizes all BRD73954 results pertaining to each case including external cause of death, demographic details and type of traces found.
Table 1.
3.2. External cause/circumstance of death
The 55 selected cases comprised of 21 (38.2%) victims of sharp force assault, 14 (25.5%) victims of blunt force assault, 8 (14.5%) PVAs, 6 (10.9%) victims of multiple forms of trauma, 3 (5.5%) victims of manual strangulation, 1 (1.8%) victim of ligature strangulation, 1 (1.8%) victim who was gagged, and 1 (1.8%) victim who was a cyclist hit by a car. Seven (12.7%) cases were suspected to include an element of rape or sexual assault.
3.3. Demographics
The majority of victims were male (78.2%). Forty-six (83.6%) victims were Black Africans, 7 (12.7%) victims were White and 2 (3.6%) victims were Coloured. It is recognized that the terms ‘Black’, ‘White’ and ‘Coloured’ have no scientific basis and are merely social classifications of various population groups.