Giving back to mom with a remodel

 Giving back to mom with a remodel

Mom has given you so much in your life, and you know you wouldn’t be anywhere without her. Though it is a little late to do work around the house as a mother’s day gift, it’s never too late to help her out by making her house a place she loves. Ashton Kutcher did this for his mother, and it was a beautiful gift.


Ashton Kutcher’s home remodel


Though I’m sure Ashton Kutcher has more resources at his disposal than you do, he surprised his mother with a home remodel in her basement. It was his childhood home, and he felt it was time for his mom to get an update. According to Fox News, Kutcher explained that this was his way of showing his mom how much he cares and how grateful he is for everything she did for him. And though he knows it may not be enough for all she did, he wanted to try. She was teary eyed and grateful for his gift, which is a reaction you may get out of your mother if you do something similar.


Maybe not a full home remodel


For those of you who don’t have deep pockets or the ability to completely remodel a home for your mother, there are still things you can do to show her you care. Simply tasks in the home could mean a world of difference to mom, even if you think they aren’t a big deal. You could simply go to mom’s house and replace some light bulbs. Or, if she is feeling up to it, let her pick out some paint colors and re-paint a few rooms. These simple tasks will make her feel wonderful and give mom a new feel in the room.


Bigger renovations possible too


Another way to help mom out is to give up your time to help with bigger renovations too. If you have a little time and money to put into the project, you could help her do something simple to feel like she has a new house. Maybe this means helping her re-paint or stain the kitchen cabinets and  even putting in new granite countertops. Whatever you choose to do to help mom remodel, she is sure to be grateful. You’ll probably be staring at your own teary-eyed mom who is grateful for the changes you made.

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