The Lightning Strike Personal Security System

The lightning strike personal protection system was made by police for civilian's self defense usage. I will certainly identify exactly what it comes outfitted with, give an over view of each product, and offer you an advantage wikipedia reference and also drawback of this system so you can make a knowledgeable decision before acquisition.

What this system is geared up with:

The Lightning Strike Personal Protection System is included 2 parts the Brite Strike tactical flashlight and also an individual police flashlight alarm system. Let me offer you a little back ground on Brite Strike. The Brite Strike brand of illumination products was made by policeman for policeman; they were tired of making use of substandard devices so they took the obstacle to style as well as build a superior item that would certainly withstand the rigors of everyday use. Throughout extreme minutes your tools can't fail you as well as because of that they evolved the Brite Strike tactical flash light products. This specific system comes with a training booklet to show you the best ways to correctly make use of the products for self defense.

Brite Strike Flash light:

The Flash lights physical body is constructed from first class light weight aluminum from top to bottom to assure its toughness while the polycarbonate lens is strong enough to stand up to the roughness of daily usage. The built in striking crown at the lighted end is for self-defense maneuvers to combat off opponents. The switch is located at the back of the light and is constructed of excellent quality rubber so it's simple on the fingers and the method the physical body is designed, even females with long nails could operate it without worrying about damaging them. It has a wrist band and carrying case you could clip on your belt, pants, or handbag.

This device measures four inches in size, around one inch in size as well as is really lightweight. Don't let its little size fool you, with a one finger move you can switch on this effective 65 lumen light bulb; a 2nd push of the button drops this device to the reduced light beam of 20 lumens, dispirit the switch once more and you get an exceptionally bothersome strobe from 65 lumens to 20 lumens that can blind enemies temporally giving you the opportunity to get away.

Personal Alarm system:

The personal alarm is tiny, compact, as well as long lasting gauging just 1 3/4" long 1" broad as well as 1/2" thick allowing you to carry it with you in any way times. When the pin is pulled it roars to life with an ONE HUNDRED decibel scream that amounts a jet plane take off at 500 meters or a train at 30 meters. It comes with a rope on one end and also a key chain on the other.

Benefit and Disadvantage:

One advantage to this system is having both the flash light as well as individual alarm in combo, it is a really effective pressure versus somebody following you close or at a brief range or even from an attack. Just how, by utilizing the strobe setup on the flash light bulb to blind them and the individual alarm system to scare them off as well as sharp others to your situation. If attacked using the striking crown of the flash light to eliminate their hold on you and the alarm to frighten them and to inform others of your situation. One more benefit is the training booklet it has that can highlight and educate you the appropriate techniques to make this unit affective for you.

One drawback is proper training is a must. Nevertheless that holds true of any personal safety and security and also self-defense tool. One more thing to think about is the personal alarm system though loud is just ONE HUNDRED decibels, is that loud enough in a noise environment to raise awareness.