FF450R12KT4 Infineon IGBT Power Module

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FF450R12KT4 is a perfect choice in boosting the performance of your CAVs (commercial, agriculture and construction vehicles). This Infineon IGBT power module can produce 1200V of power, making your CAVs function better than ever!


FF450R12KT4 consists of powerful components that cannot be found on regular semiconductors. It can withstand harsh temperatures even as hot as 150oC. It’s equipped with Infineon’s Emitter-controlled diode and Trench IGBT4 to boost the power supply to your CAVs.


FF450R12KT4 also has modified switching characteristics like softness and can reduce switching losses. Safety upon usage is also guaranteed since it’s RoHS compliant.


Infineon FF450R12KT4 also works best on other applications like UPS, induction heaters, welding machines and motor drives.


Optimal electric performance, high reliability and worthy investments – these are what FF450R12KT4 can give you.