Flood Disaster Early Warning Measures

Flood can be defined as a natural calamity which occurs due to the overflow of water that submerges land which is usually dry. Flooding is simply the process in which the dry land gets covered with water. Flood may be of various types, it may occur from over-flowing lakes or rivers and it might also occur as flash flood which is most dangerous one.


The flooding from other water resources is not harmful as the flash floods are. Flash floods are the cause of natural calamity which ends up taking various lives at once including domestic animals. Floods are quite common in developing countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lank and India and are also cause of destruction. Nepal can be taken as an excellent example of country which gets affected by flood very often. In past year, it suffered huge flood causing loss of many lives and properties.


With people not being concerned about flood, it became major disaster as the rainfall acted as catalyst to over-flood river. As the water swept away properties, domestic animals and almost everything people became homeless for months having no basic necessity to fulfill their basic needs. With government and other organizational help they have gone back to their normal lives. But, is going back to normal life okay to be safe? What will happen if such situation occurs again? Can people protect themselves in case of such calamity?


Floods are like any other natural disaster and are unpredictable, being prepared depends on us. Flood disaster early warning system can be a good way to ensure people safety from such disaster but since many people are not familiar with such system it is necessary that they understand these things first.


After such disaster in Nepal many organizations have involved them in education people of developing nations of early flood warning system through help from Practical Answers guides. Practical Answers is a technical information center which operates online. Its resources on disaster early warning system have been used variedly in many developing regions.


Disasters are unpredictable and leaves huge dent in the path of success and it’s our responsibility that as many people as possible are aware about the early warning measures.