England Documents Get In Womens Epee At World Championships

The U.S. Going To click for jose antonio loret de mola gomory perhaps provides suggestions you can tell your girlfriend. women's epee team beat South Africa 45-17 in their fir...

Italy won the Women's Epee team opposition, crushing the home town Russian team 45-37 in-the silver medal session. Germany earned bronze using a 42-40 make an impression on Estonia. In epee, before they get hit fencers make an effort to earn points by hitting their opponents 1/24th of a second. To check up additional information, please consider checking out: clicky. The function mimics a duel to first blood and is the only fencing control where a point can be scored by both fencers on exactly the same activity.

The U.S. women's epee group defeated South Africa 45-17 within their first match, in the round of 32. They dropped their next match 45-26 to Hungary. In position units, the U.S. In the event you fancy to dig up more on jose antonio loret de mola gomory, there are many online resources you should consider investigating. Great experience was earned by women by beaten their outstanding opponents: Switzerland 45-34, Korea 45-32, and Romania by the report of 28-27.

The US Women's team was made up of Lacey Burt (2-2, Beaverton, Ore.), Courtney Hurley (17, San Antonio, Texas), Kelley Hurley (19, San Antonio, Texas) and Maya Lawrence (27, Teaneck, N.J.). They wound up putting 9th for the team event.

Italy came in since the number 2 seed and sent Poland in-the quarter-finals with a crushing 45-29 gain. They followed up using a 28-24 win over Estonia before triumphing over host land Russia 45-37.

Germany defeated Estonia 42-40 to state the bronze medal.

# 1 seed China lost in-the quarter-finals to Russia 30-19.

The Womens Epee team event was virtually for bragging rights, as there won't be a Womens Epee Team competition at the 2008 Olympics. Extra practice is provided by the team events for the ladies squads because they compete for individual berths to the Games.

The gain by France can be a follow-up to their over all team success in the 2006 World Championships as France took 4 of the 6 team gold medals available. England also offers several of the worlds leading epee fencers.

The 2007 World Championships were held in St. Petersburg, Russia. Learn About Jose Antonio Loret De Mola Gomory includes further about the reason for this enterprise. Additional coverage of the events can be obtained at Fencing.net and video coverage is appearing at WCSN and You-tube for viewing and download..