Dan Heaver

Welcome to Thomas Gun.Our revolutionary new marketplace connects brands and retailers directly to the consumer, allowing them access to the best new products on the market without any middlemen.We select only the highest-quality new and upcoming brands to feature on our website, but our genius lies in letting the brands themselves decide which products to advertise. This allows customers to access the best of each brand, and not a dilute version as presented by a third party retailer.This new model of fashion e-commerce allows our customers access to the newest and most exciting designs fashion has to offer.At Thomas Gun, our mission is to present our customers with an ever expanding variety of designs fashioned by the best creative minds in the industry, all while upholding our standards of brand integrity. This new business model benefits not only the brand, but also the customer.We are always looking for fresh talent, allowing new, innovative brands with high-quality products to test themselves on the market and simultaneously giving customers access to cutting-edge trends that can-t be found in traditional fashion retailers.Brand integrity is always our primary aim at Thomas Gun, so we vet each brand carefully before deciding whether to feature their designs on our marketplace.This careful vetting process at the brand level - not the product level - ensures that our customers find only designs they can trust and brands they can rely on.Customer choice should drive fashion forward, and our model gives customers the biggest variety of top fashion designed by the best talent on the market.At Thomas Gun, we want nothing less than to give customers the very best fashion has to offer.