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heatsink - the 1st productivity app that frees up time

heatsink is a professional grade time manager that aims at raising personal performance and lowering stress both in job and private life. It organizes the user's tasks efficiently and supports people to maintain work life balance. How it works: heatsink prioritizes daily action items according to a user’s individual timetable and suggests what he can tackle next - also respecting the user's appointments on his phone calendar.
Accordingly, heatsink uses time windows as efficiently as possible and frees up time for recreation or other things.
“I originally developed heatsink for my personal use in business consulting to survive in stressful times. Now, heatsink is available for everyone who is in a high stress situation and everybody who wants to get organized,” says Christopher Mangels, CEO of Gravel Data GmbH and former management consultant at Accenture. The company is thus responding to tremendous demands on today’s work life.

The app is completely free of ads. "Ads can be distracting. And distraction is completely the opposite of what we want to achive with heatsink. That's a no-go for us." says Sascha Luedecke, CTO at Gravel Data. Furthermore, the founders are strong opponents of commercial data-mining of user data. "Your personal actions are amongst the most sensitive data one can have. That's not something I want to have analyzed by people with commercial interests. So, we don't do it with heatsink."

heatsink is now accessible at a monthly fee between €1.90 and €9.90. Customers can choose their own price - giving them customers the opportunity to define what the solution is worth for them. The first 30 days of use are offered on a trial basis free of charge. heatsink is ready for download in English language for Android on the Google play Store.

Most important features are:
· Intelligent scheduling: heatsink optimizes the order in which a user should perform actions - based on workload and availability.
· Weekly schedule: heatsink takes into account of what time the user can and wants to be productive. heatsink also considers calendar entries to avoid collision of tasks with scheduled events.
· Fast action entry: heatsink focuses on speed-of-use. Users capture information in the fastest possible way.
· Extremely-fast voice capture: Users captures actions in less than 3 seconds with easily accessible Audio Action Capture function.
· Photo capture: Users can take photos of action items in order to save time typing.
· Calendar integration: heatsink actions can be shown on your phone's calendar. This gives you a perfect overview of your heatsink actions and local calendar entries - in your preferred calendar app.

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