Its time that a generation of unshamed young men and women had to rise up and answer the Lords call  "WHO SHALL I SEND? the world is waiting for that manifesttaion of fearless and couragous young men and women who shall rise up to tstify the the goodness and the salvation of the lord Jesus Christ with great enthusiasm. its time to rise and be the one to break the silence... yes the church has been quite for a while now but let us decide "NO MORE SILENCE".... We are rising and mounting this platform where the voices of the unheard will be heard...its time that we created an outlet and released that great deposit right deep within us, may excitment and courage course through your veins now because the lord of comfort and peace is with us. its time we established and released the kingdom of God in the hearts of young me n and women. its time to rise and re-introduce the kingdom of God to our perishing generation, it has to be now or never. Lift up your eyes, the harvest is ready, young christians its time that we had bto nman up and pulled down the kingdom of the devil, its time we joined hands together and announced the lordship of Christv over this generation, its time we pointed this dying generation to that place of perfect life " THE CROSS" God is waiti9ng on us to rise, its time to rise and announcebthis kingdom of life to this generatiopn...................l.i believe we can!