Foods That Get Rid Of Belly Fat

A fat belly causes a number of health problems in addition to adding a blemish to your profile. There are two kinds of fat that get stored in the body. One of them is the fat that is present around different organs and is called visceral fat, whereas the other type of fat is the one that makes your belly bulge outwards, which is called subcutaneous fat. Here is a list that provides you with a number of foods that help to get rid of belly fat. You should include them in your diet to make sure that your belly fat is under control.

Green tea contains a group of compounds called catechins. These compounds increase the quantity of fat burnt by liver, cause fat cells to release fats, and last but not the least, increase the consumption of energy by the body.


What to eat:


Any quantity of green tea consumed in a day will reduce your waistline. If the caffeine present in green tea is a concern for you, then you can opt for decaf green tea, which contains less amount of catechin, but has enough to have an impact.

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