Now get Vietnam Visa with Rush Visa

After the Vietnamese government comprehended the problem of its people to obtain a visa at the earliest, they started this theme of Vietnam-evisa. “The Emergency Vietnam visa service", as it is known, is for those people who would like to get visa fast speed. They would want to obtain it right away because of some urgent responsibilities.

This problem usually occurs to those who are in desperate need to enter Vietnam in urgent. However, they are the ones who have forgotten or not got time to apply to Vietnam visa in advance.

 This is Some information below,  which will help you better to understand how the Government express for you to apply for this emergency  Vietnam-evisa service and how to avail of  a visa at the earliest.

Urgent Vietnam visa: The disclaimer remains that this case for those who would like to obtain Vietnam visa in less hours (4-8 working hours).  One may apply for this emergency service on all day’s except for the weekend.

Time taken: This Instant visa service takes you time from 30 minutes to 4 hours.  If you apply during weekdays, chances exist of coming on the same day. However, t might get delayed if the day of application is a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday. But it will not effective if your visa application date and arrival date are same on Saturday, Sunday, and holiday.

Another service of Holiday Vietnam visa: For those who wish to apply for this category, visa on weekends or holiday and arriving in Vietnam in the same day will be charged more:.

These are the rates:-        
•    200 USD/person for 1 month single