Teach you how to diagnose vehicle brakes faults and maintenance

Teach you how to diagnose vehicle brakes faults and maintenance
Phenomenon: the car is in motion, or continuous kicks foot brake, the brake pedal was riding in the end, brake suddenly failed.
The reason:
1, no brake fluid in the master cylinder.
2, broken or turn master cylinder.
3, cylinder sleeves damaged or riding turn.
4, brake line rupture or severe joint disjointed.
Diagnosis: hydraulic braking system to produce poor braking performance reasons, usually according to the brake pedal stroke (commonly known as high Porsche Piwis Tester II, low), depress the brake pedal feeling of hardness, stability after the brake pedal and the brake to determine the height of the pedal increases.
1, general brake pedal height is too low, poor braking performance. Such as continuous feet or kicks brake, brake pedal height along with increased performance and improved instructions and friction plates or brake drum master cylinder piston and plunger gap is too large.
2, while maintaining brake pedal height if slow or rapid decline, indicating that the brake pipe burst somewhere, bad joints sealed or wheel cylinder cup seal bad, its return spring is too soft or broken, or the master cylinder cup , apron seal bad, bad oil return valve and the valve. First, the brake pedal can observe whether the brake fluid leakage site. If the external normal, you should check the wheel cylinder or master cylinder failure.
3, consecutive kicks when the brake pedal height is still too low, and in the second foot brake, the master cylinder piston was not back position, the brake pedal master cylinder push rod and piston that is crashing sound Car Tools store, is master cylinder cup cracked or return spring is too soft.
4, consecutive kicks brake pedal height is slightly increased, and a bomb sexy, indicating the brake pipe into the air.
5, consecutive kicks, pedals were riding in the end, and felt no pedal reaction force, indicating that the master cylinder brake fluid reservoir indoor heavy losses.
6, consecutive kicks when the brake pedal low and soft is the total liquid storage chamber into the hole in the vent plug to plug.
7, foot or feet break pedal height appropriate, but too hard braking performance is poor. It should check whether the gap between each wheel friction plate and the drum is too small. If the gap is normal, check the drum wall and the friction plate surface conditions. As is normal, then check the brake shoe springs are excellent, master cylinder or wheel cylinder cups are swollen, the piston and cylinder wall with whether fit. As normal, you should check the brake hose is aging and thus not smooth.
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