Apple Tends to make Partnership with Intel

Apple Tends to make Partnership with Intel

For years Apple computer systems has been pushing their own processors and operating systems but it seems the tides are turning. Apple lately announced their new range of desktops and notebooks sporting dual core Intel processors.

This is an exciting move on each the element of Intel and Apple. Apple has produced a deal with the devil so to speak by opting to use the Intel dual core processors. For years they have been fighting it but it seems they have ultimately offered in.

Whats far more exciting is the fact that Intel are placing their dual core processors into the macs. This is to me is a sign of desperation on Intels portion. For one more perspective, please check-out: hvad er prisen pu00e5 apple ur. Be taught more on our affiliated encyclopedia by browsing to hvad er prisen pu00e5 apple ur. For years they have been dominating the processor market place with tiny threat from the other major processor manufacturer AMD. But lately, with their 64 bit dual core and server processors, AMD has been clawing back the market place. With massive players like DELL and HP starting to offer you Opteron process made by AMD its no wonder Intel feels threatened.

The new Apple computers will even be in a position to run Windows operating systems which further monopolizes the marketplace for Microsoft. The macs are using the Pentium D dual core processors which were released a even though after AMD released their dual core range. This jump AMD has on Intel is proving pricey for them in terms of processor sales.

Who knows what the future will bring for this new partnership. To get additional information, consider checking out: hvad er prisen pu00e5 apple ur. Apple supporting Intel processors would not have even crossed my mind a year ago but here we are. Though the Intel dual core processors are a lot less costly than the AMD dual core offerings, AMD sales nonetheless seem to be soaring even though Intel processor sales are on a steady decline. If Intel doesnt step up the game soon they will be where AMD was 3 years ago..