Healthy Lifestyles

     How do young people respond to their health nowadays? Let's try to picture out the real scenario.

     Hamburgers and Spaggheti are best buy in the canteen during recess time. The most influential Jollibee, country's number one fast food chain which do people prefer to go. The cravings for the sidewalk "kwek-kwek", squid balls and fish balls satisfy the upbeat teenagers appetite. While munching the so called "chicharya n barkada" the chippy.

     Well, who could blame for that? It's the trend nowadays. You don't expect them to pack from home a "Guinataang Malunggay" for lunch or bananas for dessert. Parents do tend to forget the essence of a home-cooked food freashly from the background garden.

     Of course mass media, as one of the elements in technology contributes much in influency the minds of the teenagers to the healthy lifestyles development in one's country. Due to the lack of nutrition guidance and the wrong information given by media about good nutrition, which affect the health of the people especially teenagers who are considered to be the hope of the of the knowledge of the essentials of good nutritions.

     If then, though this, young people could reflect healthy habitd of thier daily routine in maintaining a good disposition in life where discipline is a must and care for one's health will give an ample time in serving the nation a promosing future is close at hand.