Where to get the Marriage Biscuits of Your Dreams

Cakes and cupcakes continue to be popular because they are easy to eat, loved by everyone and come in an almost endless amount of varieties, flavors and designs. They are always the perfect sweet treat at celebrations and when they are well made, they can be as beautiful as any floral arrangement or other decorative item.

When choosing 3 tier wedding cake brides-to-be have to find someone who is equal parts baker and artist. It is an important decision because the cake in a wedding is not just dessert, it is an actual part of the tradition. Most women will already have in mind what they want for a cake, whether simple and traditional or sky-high and exquisitely decorated. If the cake is not what they wanted or expected, it can dampen spirits for the whole reception.

There are many decisions to make regarding what your cake should be. Most wedding cakes will need to be large enough to handle the crowd attending. What is important to remember is that food allergies and sensitivities are at an all-time today. This does not mean you cannot have the heavy on gluten, extra peanut butter flavored cake of your dreams, but it does suggest that options should be available for those that cannot safely eat that cake.

This is where the always popular cupcake can make its appearance alongside the wedding cake. Choosing a baker who is talented enough to offer gluten-free options that are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction will make all the difference at the event. Beautifully decorated cupcakes in delectable flavors and designs that enhance the beauty of the cake table will let your guests know they are respected and appreciated and it will eliminate another worry from your checklist.

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