Apply Foam and Elastomeric Coatings Work Best for Commercial Roofs

Many commercial property owners struggle to determine the best type of roofing material for their building. Most commercial buildings have flat roofs that require specific types of roofing to keep them safe and functional. Traditional home roofing materials like shingles and tile are typically not a wise choice for commercial roofs, as they don’t have the slope necessary to support these types of materials. Rather than risk choosing the wrong type of roofing material or messing up the installation process, property owners should speak with a licensed professional commercial roofer for help. Experienced commercial roofers are able to offer guidance during the roof material selection process and ensure that installation is performed properly. With professional help, denver roof repair can last for years with little maintenance and protect the valuable company assets inside.

Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam commercial roofing is one of the best choices available for commercial properties. A professional will carefully apply a layer of foam to the top of the building using specialized spray guns. This foam can be made into a very thin layer or a thick one to meet the building’s exact needs. Once dried, the foam offers many benefits over other types of roofing. As it is sprayed on manually, foam roofing is better able to conform to any shape on a roof and provide a tight seal. Foam is a fantastic insulator, and it provides a longer lifespan than other types of materials. This helps property owners save money on roofing and utility bills, and it eliminates the need for frequent roof replacement.

Elastomeric Roof Coating

Another great option for commercial properties is elastomeric roof coating. This type of coating can be used with foam or on its own, and it creates a waterproof shield on the roof. It also keeps foam from getting damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays and extends the life of the entire roofing system. The coating acts as a membrane and is very thin, and it is typically sprayed or rolled on by a professional commercial roofer tulsa ok.

Commercial buildings need specific types of roofs to keep them in the best shape possible. Usually, spray foam roofing is the best choice for these types of properties. Spray foam is a perfect choice for flat roofs, and it can be installed to fit around any type of corner, HVAC unit or other equipment that exists on the roof. With an added layer of elastomeric roof coating, commercial properties will be prepared for any type of weather and be equipped with a long-lasting commercial roofing oklahoma solution.