Guide to Have the Best Life Insurance Coverage

The first step to purchase online life insurance policy is by knowing the need for it. Term plans always offer sufficient financial support to the policyholder’s family in insured’s absence, fund child’s education and marriage or help during policyholder’s post-retirement life. It is advisable to take guidance from a financial planner to find out the suitable coverage. Do detailed analysis as well as risk profiling.

Generally, life insurance India is available in various forms such as traditional endowment plans, retirement plans, unit linked insurance etc. Term insurance covers the risk of insured’s demise. Usually, it is affordable than other insurance products.

If the insured survives, he or she may or may not return the premium. An endowment policy is a non-market linked plan which provides protection and savings both. It pays a certain amount of lump sum money on maturity or in case of policyholder’s demise.

Unit linked insurance plans are market-linked long-term savings-cum-protection policies. But, these products differ in their payout structure and equity-debt ratio of investment. Pension plans could be on either ULIPs or traditional platform and has compulsory annuity policy on maturity of accumulation phase.

It is necessary to select a policy based on your risk appetite. Riders help in customizing life insurance plans. It is beneficial to know some common insurance related terms such as maturity amount, equity-debt ratio, claim amount, cash value and premium because it makes sure that you understand the policy clearly.

When customers know how much and which coverage type they need, it is easy to search different life insurance policies. Remember to check insurance company’s financial stability, claim-settlement ratio, riders and customer feedback etc.

  • Explore Several Modes of Purchasing

Customers can buy a policy through different channels or modes. Insurance experts suggest buyers to own a plan from the insurance broker and clear any insurance related queries on the claim process, free look period, policy charges etc.

Some insurance products offer extra advantages to elderly people and children. There are many riders which you can add at the beginning of the plan.