Can the Conversion from MBOX to OLM be Hassle-free?

Can the Conversion from MBOX to OLM be Hassle-free?

Convert MBOX to OLM – Export Apple Mail to Outlook


If you want to export Mac Mail to MS Outlook for Mac 2011 the conversion that needs be made is MBOX to OLM.


MBOX is an umbrella term given to the kind of files that stores data queued up one after the other in 7-bit ASCII text (plain text). In other words all you will find here is a continuous file in plain text. Apple Mail stores its email data in MBOX format.


OLM, on the other hand, is the format used by Outlook for Mac to store all email related data. So, if one needs to export Apple Mail to Outlook, the conversion of MBOX to OLM has to be made.


How to Apple Mail Export Mailbox to Outlook?


If you do not choose an efficacious method to export Mac Mail to Outlook, you may be in for quite some trouble. Despite being Mac-based email clients, Mac Mail and Outlook use different file formats and this is where complications arise. If your chosen method of conversion does not do exact conversion of MBOX to OLM, you will not be able to export Mac Mail to Outlook successfully.


What is the Condition to Export Apple Mail Successfully?


Successful migration from Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac is possible only when your converter fully converts the MBOX data into OLM data. The result should be no data loss or corruption.


If you adopt manual conversion for Apple Mail export Mailbox, chances are that you may or may not succeed after hours if diligent effort. If you, however, adopt a good automated converter, your job should be done satisfactorily.


Taking the second option, evidently, is the best way to export Mac Mail in a hassle-free manner.