Advantages of Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

There are many types of vacuum cleaners in the market for you to choose from. The canister and upright vacuums are most popular among them while the rest such as stick, robotic, commercial vacuums also rising in popularity.

Over the years people always debate which vacuum cleaners is more efficient; a bag or bagless cleaner?

• The bagless claimed to be lower in operating cost as you do not need to buy the bag for replacement.

• The bagged vacuums offer better catchment volume cleaner, easy to maintain and cleaning performance is better?

No matter how, this article discusses some of the pros side of having a bagless vacuum but it also doesn’t mean that the bagged vacuum is not good!

There has been a tremendous advancement in the bagless vacuum cleaners since their creation. Initially it was more or less a stunt but nowadays it was totally changed.

The basic unique selling proposition of a bagless vacuum is that it frees you from the chore of cleaning and disposing the bag contained in the vacuum. The initial bagless models where rather ineffective and did not live up to their promise.

Some of the dirt collected was released back into the air as they were not good at containing dirt. And when it was needed to dispose the dust, there was inevitably some spilling make it necessary to clean the place again.

The current day bagless vacuums are a tremendous improvement over the early ones. Their performance is very much up to the expectation. They work quite well so many users choose to have bagless model although bagged cleaners still very popular.

Some of them feature a HEPA filter as a built-in which ensures that the dust collected is not released back into the air. While this was the crux of the problem with the old vacuums, the new ones did not spill the dust back into the air. The dust is all captured inside and does not create any mess that further needs to be attended. This feature is very important especially those that suffered asthma and allergies.

Today, the bagless vacuum does not lack in power. Even the low priced models that come with a simple and slim design do a pretty good job of cleaning dirt from the floor. The cleaning is equally good on carpets as well.

Just like their bagged counterparts, bagless vacuum cleaners come with a variety of attachments meant for cleaning carpets, upholstery, drapes, floors etc. For deep cleaning of carpets steam vacuum cleaners are better though.

One potential issue with small bagless vacuum is that sometimes the dust tends to get stuck. These models have a detachable hose that extends from the main unit of the cleaner onto the unit that performs the suction of dirt. It is the same hose that can be removed and inserted into different attachments.

Clogging of the bagless vacuum can happen when dirt gets stuck there. However, it is not that difficult to vacuum cleaner take care of. One can get rid of the stuck dirt by unplugging the hose and shaking it separately.

Initially bagless vacuum cleaners were more of a marketing ploy but these days they deliver on their promise. For those that do not like periodic cleaning and disposal of bags can benefit from the bagless variety.