whatsapp has become one of the best messaging application these days. it is not only easy to chat in whatsapp but the look ans feel of the application is very good which gives immense pleasure to the user who is chatting. 

whatsapp status has also become a cool way to share thoughts, express views, so people are using it to share their current status whether they are happy, sad or their thoughts about the current situation.

some of the statuses are love status for whatsapp  and sad status.

to change the status

it is very easy to change the status, just go the setting and there will be an option called status and there you can write your mind.


it is also available feature in whatsapp, simply go to the contacts to whom you want to call and click on the name you can see the call option on the header.

to check if the person has read your message

hold on the message and then you will get options, click on the info option which tells when teh message has been delivered and at what time the person has read your message