THE TWISTED TRUTH CHAPTER ONE I woke up in the morning, checking the time it was 8.00am. ‘Gosh! So, I am going to prepare for this god dam school, when will education ever end?’ I shouted to no one but myself. I walked into the dining room to see if Mama has prepared something for me. Our dining room was not a perfect one, it was a typical poor structure but at least we wanted to answer those that also own a table and chairs for eating. Papa wanted to imitate the village chief, Chief Mbakwe, he was the richest mans and also the reigning man in the village. All his children were also rich and reside in the city; his house was a heavenly structure in an earthly position. It was adorned with the beauty any hand could lay. His dining was made of hot gold, real hot gold thus, no one can compete with him. I moved closely to the badly made bamboo table, I just hope my eyes weren’t deceiving me; I opened the cover plate Lo and behold! It was empty, who else did this if not Mama, What have I done this time? The little money I earned from yesterday’s dance I gave them all to her. ‘Mama! Mama!’ Mama came out of the adjacent room, one look at her face would scare you from blurting whatever you had in your mind, but at this point I don’t really care because I am already use to that, I didn’t even wait for her to speak first. ‘Mama, you didn’t keep food for me today, why? Mama sneezed and wiped her nose with the ear of her wrapper. ‘Is this the reason why you have decided to wake up the entire village? What’s the time isn’t it past eight? You are supposed to be in your school uniform now. Anyway, Dozie ate your food because he thought just like I had also thought that you weren’t going to school today! Besides the food wasn’t enough, so it’s right for you to sacrifice your meal for your junior brother. Hunger doesn’t kill! She walked back to the room. This has always been the system; I always have to sacrifice my own meal for my brother even when there is enough money to make a lasting meal. Tears streamed down my eyes because knew that no matter how hard I try to make Mama happy she won’t just treat me like Dozie. I went back to my room dressed up for school and walked out of the house. I left with an empty stomach. CHAPTER TWO Trekking to Adumoha Central School is not an easy task, the roads were rough and the hills were like donkey galloping. I trekked down the school, but I know that Dozie had gone to school on a bicycle. At the gate stood the most fearsome and wicked teacher I have ever seen in my life Mr. Okafor! It seems all the okafors are wicked considering the Okafor I also encountered in my village. He refused to pay for the palm fruits I shielded for him. Now, falling into Teacher Okafor’s trap was what I and every other student dreaded the most. I’d rather fall into a lion’s den than to fall into that man’s den because I believe just like what they taught me in catechism that I will be saved like Daniel but not in this case. ‘Come over to this place, you!’ Mr. Okafor shouted at me. I moved closer to his direction, praying in my heart for a fair judgment. He took me to the school farm, right there I saw three other latecomers like me working on the farm but with a difference, they were much earlier than I, I was extremely late for school. ‘You will uproot the yams here and take them to the school barn, after that you will go to the piggery and clean the pigs’ dung. Since you don’t feel like coming to school today, let me help you feel at home, when you are through with that you will go to the headmaster’s housed pick a water pot and fill their drums (5)five time. Am I understood?’ he thundered smiling sheepishly at me, I hate everything about him even his subject, he made me hate Christian religious knowledge. I lost my words I couldn’t plead for mercy, it was revealed that Mr Okafor had misplaced his ‘Doctor do Good’ that was why he doubled his punishments, but to tell you the truth its better for me to be flogged than to do all these punishments.