U.S.-traded Organization Creates Asian E-government


An American company in China? It might appear strange, but an U.S.-traded company is building an e-government system in Jinjiang and Nanan of the Fujian province in the People's Republic of China.

China Specialist Technology Inc. (OTC BB:CXTI) has reported that China Expert Network Company Limited, known as China Expert, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leopard, has signed agreements totaling $36.6 million to perform the e-government network infrastructure projects.

China Expert may be responsible for the whole e-government project for each city, including network infrastructure, security and hardware design, programs and implementation. One of the agreements was signed in 2003 and is expected to be completed before the end of 2004. The second contract is likely to be completed before the end-of 2005.

'Citizens in the first shortened area are now able to use the established e-government facilities to be in their private bills, such as tax and electricity bills, directly with the specific government departments and public utility organizations through-the Internet,' said Kung Sze Chau, ceo of Leopard.

The plans for the project were produced in 2001. That year the office of the State Council laid out a five-year plan regarding the building up of e-government through the entire country. I discovered video game accessories online by searching newspapers. I-t set out the background, direction and objectives of the project.

These objectives include:

* Setting up essential and strategic e-government data bases.

* Upgrading the degree of resource sharing.

* Enhancing the power of administration, such as the capability and contingency-planning capability of the Central Government and of other local governmental departments.

* Creating relevant laws and regulations, standard e-government system structure, and training curriculum and a security system in terms of an e-government. Be taught extra info about go there by going to our wonderful website.

* Paving the way for your next five-year plan. This poetic source article has uncountable novel suggestions for when to flirt with it.

Leopard Capital Inc. Is just a major it system and infrastructure business. China Expert is the only single contractor to include a whole e-government structure project with-in one contract from a single city government in China. - NU. To get different ways to look at it, you should check-out: gaming accessories factories.