South Atlanta Bankruptcy Law Firm Serves The Legal Needs Of Local Residents

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South Atlanta Bankruptcy Law Firm Serves The Legal Needs Of Local Residents


Jonesboro, GA (July 12, 2015) – Most of us face some level of financial hardship during our lifetimes. In some cases, bankruptcy is the best solution to get out of a difficult and often emotionally draining time in your life. If calls from creditors, collection notices and aggressive collection tactics are taking a toll on your family, call the South Atlanta Bankruptcy law firm today to set up a free, no-pressure consultation.


The attorneys of the South Atlanta Bankruptcy law firm have been practicing law in our local area and serving local residents for over 30 years and are experienced, skilled negotiators and litigators. Whether you are looking for a “fresh-start” or liquidation Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy where you are more likely to be able to retain your home and some assets, these local Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys will have your best interests at heart.


Foreclosure, wage garnishments, frozen bank accounts are all threats that creditors and collection agencies will use to scare you – the skilled Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys at the South Atlanta Bankruptcy law office know how to respond to each of these threats and are not afraid to litigate on your behalf when necessary.


Many clients have simply gotten in over their heads with credit card debt, necessary medical debt from unexpected expenses, or are dealing with a home that’s underwater thanks to the recent housing bubble and economic recession. Whatever your reason for debt, South Atlanta Bankruptcy is here to help; without judgment. They can put an immediate end to threats or actions like foreclosures and repossessions, and will work with you to put a workable and realistic financial plan into place for your future. Because they have been serving the local Atlanta community for over 30 years, they also have connections and contacts that many other law firms do not have.


If you have questions about debt consolidation, Chapter 7 Atlanta bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Atlanta bankruptcy and are looking for an experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable local law firm, South Atlanta Bankruptcy is just a phone call away.


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With over 30 years of combined legal experience, the law firm of South Atlanta Bankruptcy is proud to serve the local community. Managed by dedicated law partners with reputations for being knowledgeable and tough, South Atlanta Bankruptcy excels at assisting you through financially tough times, whether you’re looking at debt consolidation, a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When choosing at attorney, it’s important that you select a firm that really cares about its clients and one that understands your unique needs and situation. The dedicated, experienced and compassionate staff of South Atlanta Bankruptcy have been a local presence in the community for over 30 years, and are proud to have always operated as a local firm intent on putting the needs of its clients first.


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