Success Advice From a Country Song

Relationship creating may be the most important of your success competencies. No one can do it alone. If you want to create a successful job and life thomas caufmann you must learn how to maintain and build robust relationships. Period.

I am just in North Carolina when i am writing this write-up. I am doing a talk for the local Nationwide Association of Women Business People today. As I was driving to my hotel the other night time, I was listening to a country radio station. I don't listen to significantly country as I'm a rock and roller. However, I find that when I pay attention to country music I love it. A song came on that had a great series about relationship constructing, as I was driving. The line gone something like this.., even though i might not have it exactly right, and i also don't know the title of the song.

"I'll start wandering your way, and you begin walking mine. We'll meet in the middle less than that old Georgia pine."

If you want to build relationships with them, regardless of the name of the song or who sings it, there is an important information here about romantic relationship building -- you have to move in the direction of other people.

Sometimes you need to go further than the middle to build relationships. I usually advise my mentoring thomas caufmann clients to take 100%, not 50%, of the responsibility for building relationships. While that Georgia pine can be in the middle, successful folks know that sometimes that have to go beyond it to construct a successful relationship.

And, there's another position -- the lyrics say, "I'll start strolling your way..." This is very important; don't be afraid to travel first when it comes to developing relationships. When you start wandering toward others, they are more likely to start walking towards you. In other words, go first. Extend yourself. Several years ago, I had a friend who was quite formal in his method. He used to say, "I don't speak to people to which I haven't been introduced." This can be great in Victorian society, but it won't help you create the productive life and occupation you want and deserve.

Go first; don't hesitate to introduce yourself to other folks. Put yourself out there. Say hello. Do something good for someone else. That's how to build relationships. I suggest that while there is no problem in returning a favor, the power lies in stretching yourself by offering the 1st favor -- taking the first step toward the other person and being willing to exceed the pine to create the relationship work.

The typical sense point here is simple. Successful folks are competent. Relationship creating is a key success competency. If you want to develop strong relationships with all the important people in your life, you need to extend oneself. You have to take the first step to other people, and you need to be willing to go beyond half way. When you're prepared to go first and willing to go over and above half way you demonstrate that you sincerely wish to create and foster a romantic relationship with the other person. Connections are everything when it comes to success. Do no matter what it takes to develop and maintain them. Start jogging towards others. Don't stop until you've built and hooked up a relationship.