IRC /XDCC: The Best Tool in Terms of Fast File Downloads

More and more people are talking about downloading files using XDCC since they see it swifter and more convenient. The things listed below are the advantages that you can enjoy from using it:


You simply have to download mIRC and customize the settings. You can then look for files through a search engine. Find the area where chat messages are normally written and enter XDCC command.

New Contents are Always there

This is the one you can rely on if you would like fresh releases for any shows, movies and some other stuffs.

Speedy Download

You don’t have to upgrade your web connection just to download a movie faster because it can be possible using IRC/XDCC client. You can validate the quickness of the downloading process by just referring to the screenshot above. Rather than megabits, the speed unit will be megabytes.

Security Is Guaranteed

In the file sharing networks, you are linked with thousands of people. Nonetheless, your downloading activities are only viewed by a few people with IRC/XDCC. Unlike eDonkey and Bit Torrent, the network is not that under surveillance.


In this site, downloading files can be completed in seconds. This may sound too good to be true but it is. In addition, no ads will appear in front of you.

To start a completely new downloading experience, here are the things that you need to do.

To Allow XDCC Downloading, Set up mIRC

IRC has been helping people across the world for over 20 years. Everyone desires a quick download and this is made possible with this distribution channel.

For the configuration of your mIRC for XDCC download, consider these steps below:

Install mIRC

Have a free IRC client from, and you can also run the installer here. Click the “continue” button when you have seen a trial notice emerge.

Instructions Engaged for mIRC Configuration

Normally, you will be directed to the options instantly. If that doesn’t happen, click the icon located on the top left screen. From there, you must put all the information required like email address, made up name, alternative name, and nickname. Afterwards, go to IRC and make sure the box for “rejoin channel when kicked” is checked.

Select the “Auto-get file and if file exists, resume” located in the DCC. Keep in mind that you must only click those that you wish to download. Below the DCC, click “Ignore” and opt for “Disabled”. Furthermore, don’t forget to unselect the checkbox for “Turn ignore back on” for you to be able to download.

There is this DCC-options you can click when it comes to checking notifications. Removing the check is advised if you don’t want a beeping sound alert when file transfer is complete. You can also do that with the rest of the “sound” options.

Finally, go to the DCC-Folders and set up the folder location of your downloaded stuff. By saving your established settings, click on the “OK” button.

Wish to be benefited by the mentioned device. What are you waiting for, try it today!