The best way to detect LED complete color show Optical Properties

With LED ability ongoing(variable message sign ), high-power semiconductor lighting gear to have in all these years to carry out speedy, particularly white energy and luminous efficiency continues to improve, LED gradually into the lighting category. Presently divided into full-color LED video screen, graphics screen and digital display. For the numerous applications in the item, how should we detect LED full colour show Optical overall performance?


Very first, the full-color LED display photoelectric function parameter evaluation:


The major function of photoelectric color parameter consists of: Lighting the total power, power factor, light intensity distribution, luminaire total output flux, and light output efficiency, lumen maintenance / luminous flux retention price related color temperature, color rendering index, color tolerance, colour coordinates, colour Space products unevenness and the like.


Second, LED )vms)full color display Optical function parameters:


1, the electrical capabilities incorporate: lamp power, energy aspect.


2, thermal functions consist of heat resistance and junction temperature.


3, the main color features integrated: associate the color temperature, colour contrast index, chromaticity coordinates, colour forgiveness, dominant wavelength (colour), uneven colour uniformity and color space spread.


4, the day of the principal qualities which includes a switching frequency test, day / accelerate life expectancy experiment, cavity repair price (lumen retention) / strength repair rates.


Third, the full-color LED screen optoelectronic functional detection approaches:


1, reflective cup MR16 or PAR beam viewpoint, the light intensity is usually spread via a small bedroom photometric measurement device to measure. When the tests, the mechanical axis, the axial line. Defects are abnormal posture test job status, demand revised test results.


2, LED lamp lumen may also be used to measure the spread photometric measurement device, when the intermediate scale test gamma to180 degrees, also because the mechanical axis coincides intermediate lights. Defects from the examination time is as well extended.


Summary: Under the premise of the correct solution to test, by way of the choice of proper detection strategies to accurately measure the comprehensive complete colour LED screen photoelectric color function parameters for scientific assessment on the status LED(EN12966) full-color display with all the nature on the supply of data and conduct trend help.