TheAxon Phone hasn’t been officially launched yet


TheAxon Phone hasn’t been officially launched yet, but has already managed to develop significant interest, particularly after we and others realized it was a device manufactured byZTE. Beginning last month with unofficial confirmed origins, speculation immediately began. Not soon after, we learned that the rumors Chinese manufacturer ZTE were in fact true. It is largely believed thatZTE has deliberately chosen – at face value – to distance itself from the product in an attempt to get American consumers to consider the Axon without any pre-existing bias. This is seemingly of great importance given their marketing suggests the phone will be a high end device, and therefore put it squarely against veteran established players.
What we know

Surprisingly little, actually, even with a. We know the Axon Phone will include 4GB of RAM. It will have dual rear-facing cameras (of an unspecified resolution) that can shoot 4K HD videos, “incredibly fast auto-focus”, and post-processing to allow for bokeh. The front camera will allow you to take selfies simply by smiling. ZTE is claiming it will be “the first true high-fidelity phone available in the US” with “amazing high-fidelity sound playback” and includes a dual-microphone design for high fidelity sound recording.

Finally, it will contain a “lightning-fast processor, 4GB memory and a large battery for all-around high performance under the hood” while running on a “super-simplified Android interface” (gallery below) and be housed in a metallic body of which there will be three different color variants available: blue, gold, and silver.

What we don’t

Given the pending July 14th press event that Axon is lining up, unknown quantities of specifics will soon be of a known consistency. With that said however, some rather essential patches of details have been left out, namely which SoC will be on-board, what type of display panel and what size/resolution, exactly how large the battery is, what resolution the cameras will be, will microSD be supported, how much on-board storage will be available, what build of Android will be used, and of course, how much the smartphone will actually cost, not to mention how customers will be able to buy it (Directly? Carriers? Unlocked?).

For the collective public at-large, this product is no more relevant than any number of Kickstarter vaporware projects

Without a doubt, these questions are absolutely critical to the future of not only the phone, but of the very product line that ZTE /Axon is seeking to establish in bringing the Axon Phone to market in the manner it has chosen to.
The Axon Phone’s various variables for success

While it would be easy to simply state “top specs” are all it takes to be successful, in this day and age that’s no longer the case. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more major points:

Cost has become a major factor as smartphones have essentially become a commodity, and it will be instrumental in determining the success of this product, especially as an unknown quantity. Whereas at least ZTE is an established brand, the absence of any “brand” whatsoever means that mainstream consumers will be taking this product at face value. That is both good and   bad, however should be cost prohibitive then the Axon may fall victim to legacy OEMs such asSamsung,HTC,LG, orMotorola. If the phone is sold unlocked, it will intrinsically have a higher price tag. If the phone is sold directly, it will be bereft of any carrier-sponsored in-store marketing and pricing structures. If the phone is carrier exclusive then it will inherently reach a limited audience, not unlikeAmazon’s Fire Phone.