Color Combinations You Never Thought of Using in Your Bedroom

Color Combinations You Never Thought of Using in Your Bedroom

There are really a lot of colors that we think just do not go together or would look awful when used together. Just like when you wear blue and orange, how do you think people would react? However, you cannot imagine how these color go well together in interior designs. It is just about how you combine them and how you pick the right shade and tone.

As a matter of fact, there really isn’t bad combination of colors, just badly done combinations of them. Here are some simple ideas that might impress you and might even amaze you when you try them.

Purple and Green. Yes, sounds like an awful combination, but have you tried combining them using the right shade? To prove to you how these colors go well together, paint your bedroom with purple and pair it with pear green and white accents. You would certainly be intrigued with the result.

Blue and orange. A basic blue and a basic orange may not look really nice. However, when you try painting your bedroom walls with orange which is a bit browner and have a bed that is a little paler, and use dark brown on your flooring, you will realize how clever these colors work together. Adding some metallic blue pops of color will make the room more interesting.

Another fascinating shades of blue and orange combination is using the palest blue as your walls as well as your bed. Then, use vibrant orange on your pillows, curtains and bedroom armchairs or sofa. You will be amazed by the soothing and, at the same time, fun effect that it can bring into your bedroom.

Pink and Green. Does it sound like the colors clash? I would say No because they also have different shades. Keep your flooring in dark brown and have your walls painted in apple green. Now, how do you play with pink to make it work with green? Simple. Use a range of pink shades from light to dark. Use powder-puff pink blanket on your white bed and use a more intense pink like French pink on your pillows. Add pops of vibrant blue and yellow colors. The result will make you think how colors simply harmonize.

Colors are simply like music. They can be harmonized. Just look at the image featured. It is an abstract painting called "On Reflection" by Peter Colbert (from will harmoniously fit on your room especially if the room’s scheme is purple and green or blue and orange.

As mentioned above, there really isn’t bad combination of colors. So, do not be afraid to mix and match and you might just discover unusual color combinations that would look fantastic on your bedroom.