The future trends of bamboo fiber products

You may have heard about bamboo fiber, which has become the hot sale fabric for China fiber supplier, which is in the production of chemical and functional fibers. And now, we are going to talk about its future trends. I believe, this article may provide favorable benefits for foreign consumers.

The common sense in the textile industry is to open up the industry so as to develop new products and to enhance value-added product. In deed, there is an increasingly demand for functional fiber products. Moreover, the application and promotion of new spinning technology has achieved remarkable results in recent years, which make bamboo fiber tough enough to take abrasion and be able to satisfy the requirements of the fabric style. As you know, bamboo fiber can instantly absorb and evaporate large amounts of water, giving it good moisture permeability, which has natural antibacterial property. With these functions, I think many consumers would show special love for this fiber.


Wuxi Meijifibres is one of the fiber suppliers from China, which can supply you high quality aloe fiber, milk fiber and high quality cool jade fiber. In fact, bamboo fiber is a new type of functional fiber in the textile industry, which shows great potential to get further development.