Add strength for LED market competition

Do you understand the stress as a supplier in LED industry? Maybe you will say that not just for LED light supplier china, every industry’s supplier is hard for their business. Yes! However, LED light industry is a new era so that we should add strength for LED market competition.


Lanpu-lighting thinks domestic LED enterprises should do some innovations to compete in international market. Application innovation is necessary. Lanpu-lighting is focused on LED application research and independent innovation, also has successfully designed advanced radiator optimization software, high efficiency& high reliability LED driving technology. T8 LED tube light suppliers coming from this company would give you the best service and technology in LED products aspects. Meanwhile, we should care about product price and quality management. Lanpu-lighting sets up strict supplier admittance and appraisal mechanism, owns more than 160 sets testing equipments to test more than 100 testing projects, products passed UL、CE、CB、CQC and CCC certifications.


We should do our best to do our business if you think you have to make your blossom in your industry. That is Lanpu-lighting’s goal which to let customers to buy LED flexible light strip and other LED products in their company.