Useful Facts For Car Hire At Johannesburg Airport

Useful Facts For Car Hire At Johannesburg Airport

Johannesburg Airport along with Cape Town Airport are the two main entry points into South Africa. Johannesburg situated just south of Pretoria, is the largest city in South Africa and has a huge array of spectacular tourist sites including cultural & historical attractions to satisfy the most demanding and inquisitive traveler. Discover the beating heart of South Africa when you rent a car at Johannesburg Airport. This vibrant city is full of activity – explore and you’ll find busy theaters, delicious restaurants, fascinating museums and lively nightclubs scattered through its distinct neighborhoods.


Johannesburg Airport is known as O.R Tambo International Airport, named after Oliver Tambo. It is South Africa's busiest airport. It is the main air transport hub for the whole of South Africa. This sprawling South African city is the gateway for many to this fascinating country. Reserve your Johannesburg car rental and experience the best the city has to offer at your own pace on South Africa’s wide open international road system. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, this is the country with lots of fun. Make the most of every moment and let Car Hire At Johannesburg Airport ensure that you see as much as you want to during your time in one of the most fascinating cities in the world.


Johannesburg, a sprawling metropolis in the interior of South Africa, is also the country’s largest city after Cape Town. The saying that “The streets of Johannesburg are paved in Gold” is very true.  In 1880 they used the left over mine sand which still contained small quantities of gold to build the streets & pavements.  With a mesmerizing skyline and an equally glorious history to boast of, Johannesburg is one city where different nationalities, races, cultures and religions live in peace.  The late Nelson Mandela named it the “Rainbow Nation”. Full of splendid mines, huge towers and monuments, art galleries and national parks, Johannesburg is definitely a travelers’ delight. With our car rental services you can easily travel through the city and visit the important sightseeing places.  There are also International Guided Top-Less buses touring the city, with full commentaries.


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