IRC /XDCC: The Best Tool when it comes to Fast File Downloads

The quickness and convenience of using XDCC when it comes to downloading files is the reason why it has been preferred by many. Read on and learn about its amazing benefits to offer:

Simple to use

You only need to download mIRC and then modify its settings. Seeking downloadable files in your preferred search engine is the next thing to do. Then, enter XDCC command in the chat box.

New Contents are Always there

If you are looking for fresh releases, you will surely enjoy the new shows, movies and other stuffs online.

High Speed Downloading of Files

In just a few minutes, you can already get a complete movie download using IRC/XDCC client even if you don’t have swift internet connection. In the screenshot given above, you can see how quick you can download. The expected speed would be megabytes per second rather than megabits.

Privacy is Assured than in File Sharing Networks

Thousands of people take part in the file sharing networks. Nevertheless, your downloading activities are only viewed by a few people with IRC/XDCC. This network is not under surveillance, which is totally different from Bit Torrent and eDonkey.

It Is Costless

You can surely download faster without cost? This may sound too good to be true but it is. There are also no ads right here.

To get a hold of this new downloading experience, here are the things you must do.

To Allow XDCC Downloading, Configure mIRC

IRC has always been in the service of community from the past 20 years. Because of this distribution channel, they managed to make a fast download feature into actuality.

Here are the steps that have to be followed in configuring your mIRC for XDCC download:

Install mIRC

You can have the free IRC client and run the installer through Click “continue” if ever a trial notice will appear.

Instructions for Configuring mIRC

Usually, you will be directed to the options immediately. If that doesn’t happen, click the icon located on the top left screen. There you should enter a nickname, alternative nickname, made up name and email address. Next, you need to visit IRC and check the box for “rejoin channel when kicked”.

Click the “Auto-get file and if the file is present click, resume”; this option is available in the DCC. Keep in mind that you should only click those that you want to download. Click “Ignore” and select for “Disabled” below the DCC. Also, the checkbox for “Turn ignore back on” is usually default to check, so don’t forget to unselect it.

Notifications is viewable on the DCC-Options. You can remove the check that has been positiioned in the sound button, when you don’t wish to be alerted by the beeping sound that comes from your downloaded file. You can also do the same for the ‘sound’ options to be able for you not to be troubled by the noifications.

Finally, go to the DCC-Folders and set the folder where you can locate your downloaded stuff. If you are finished editing the settings, click the “OK” button to save the changes you have made.

Want to get a hold of those advantages? What are you waiting for, try it now!