Effect of mesh size and type on

5. Effect of mesh size and type on the SED and critical fracture load
This contribution shows that when the material behavior is ideally linear elastic or obeys a power hardening law, the mean value of the SED over the control volume and the corresponding critical fracture load can be accurately determined from any kind of AZD1208 and mesh. This result is of interest in the practical application of the SED approach to real components. Fig. 9 shows two different kind of mesh (fine and coarse) and Fig. 10 shows two different kind of element (triangular and quad) over the control volume for FGS. A comparison has been carried out between different size (fine/coarse) and type of shape function (linear/quadratic) for two kind of triangular and quad elements. The results are well highlighted in Table 4 and Table 5. It can be found that one can apply any element and mesh to assess the mean value of SED.
Fig. 9. (a) Fine mesh and (b) coarse mesh for FGS.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide