Fig shows the section of the bracket S in the

Fig. 1. Macrographs showing the bridge-shaped bracket fixed to the angled bracket (a) and the corroded bolts (b).Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
The streetlight placed in service is equipped with angled brackets and presents the failure of the bolts connecting them to the metallic band used for the connection with the cable trunking. Three of the four screws showing clear signs of corrosion are still present on the brackets. The lighting body is entirely covered with a layer of dust that MK-0752 during disassembly of the various components appears infiltrated between the brackets. In the areas close to the welds corrosion products are also visible, while on the casing corrosion pits are sporadically visible.
For the analysis of the streetlight initiation codon (AUG) has been in service the following components were identified and encoded:•Angled brackets that connect the bridge-shaped bracket to the band with hinges (S1 and S2).•Brackets welded to the casing (S3 and S4).•Metallic band with hinges for the connection with the cable trunking (F1).•Bolts connecting the band with hinges with the angled bracket (B1 and B2).•Nuts for fixing bolts B1 and B2 (D1 and D2).•Bolts connecting the angled bracket with the bridge-shaped bracket (B3 and B4).•Nuts for fixing of bolts B3 and B4 (D3 and D4).•Casing.•Bolts for holding the glass.