Fig xA Boxplot representing the homogeneity of the seizure vs

Table 3.
List of inorganic impurities recorded in MA specimens.Element name1Aluminium (Al)2Barium (Ba)3Boron (B)4Iodine (I)5Lithium (Li)6Mercury (Hg)7Nickel (Ni)8Palladium (Pd)9Phosphorus (P)10Platinum (Pt)11Ruthenium (Ru)12Sulphur (S)13Zinc (Zn)Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
2.2. Investigation of A 438079 inhomogeneity of MA seizures
The dataset considered comprised 111 cases including 162 seizures in which two or more samples were physically and chemically profiled (a total of 709 samples were chemically profiled). A similarity degree (i.e. score) between samples from the same seizure was calculated using the modified square cosine function (Eq. (1)). This choice was based on the results obtained following the procedure described in Section 2.1. Data pre-treatment using the N + 4R of the organic impurities found in MA followed by the modified square cosine function generated the best results and barriers to gene flow protocol was selected to obtain the similarity degree in this second part:equation(1)Modified square cosine=100−100x(yk1yl1+yk2yl2+?+ykpylp)2(yk12+yk22+?+ykp2)(yl12+yl22+?+ylp2)