The Road to Heaven

The Road to Heaven All of us certainly wanted to live happily ever after.We wanted to be on a place wherein there is only happiness a place where sadness and sorrow don’t exist. Now, how to make this things possible ? We have to believe in Him, we have to believe in God. I know that many people tend to forget God especially nowadays that we are already engaged with the high technologies.We are being entertained by just using our gadgets and wouldn’t even want to go to church. The path to heaven is really hard to walk on.There will be many trials and there is the common thing called sin.Even if you are rich and famous your money won’t be able to give you a ticket to heaven,no religion could give an assurance to go up there also and doing good deeds only is not enough.What all human beings must do is to believe in God first,to have faith in Him we must believe that He is our King and our Savior.After that,we will love God by then and doing good deeds will follow.We will fear Him, we’re going to be afraid to commit sins and by that we’ll all have a peaceful life. Following God’s footsteps is indeed really hard. There will really be crossroads along the way. We just have to always put in our minds all of it are just tests, where in our faith will be measured. If we really wanted to experience the so called forever happiness with God, then we must bravely cross that certain road, the road to heaven.